A Fairy Tale Wedding

At The Century House, not only do we enjoy being a part of your big day but we also love to hear and share your story, and this fall wedding was particularly special. We recently caught up with Nicole, who explained that when she met Adam five years ago at an ATV racing event, she had no idea their casual conversation would eventually lead to a fairy tale romance and wedding. Here’s their story!

The Century House: Let’s start from the beginning. How did you and Adam meet?

Nicole: Adam and I met through my uncle, who is a professional quad racer. Adam was racing and helping my uncle at a race course in Unadilla, New York. When my family would visit, Adam and I would talk. About a year later, Adam accepted a new job in the Albany area and since he didn’t know the area that well, he called me to help. Before we knew it, we were dating!

The Century House: Tell us about the proposal.

Nicole: Actually, it’s a funny story. During a trip to Maine for a wedding we attended in May of 2015 (it’s rather cold there at that time of the year), we went out for dinner and met a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. After dinner, we took a walk on the beach. I don’t think it went exactly as Adam had planned because I complained about how cold it was for twenty minutes before he finally got down on one knee and proposed!

The Century House: When you were planning your wedding, what did you decide on for an overall style or theme?

Nicole: I absolutely adore Disney and I love everything about it, which is why we choose the theme of Cinderella. I’ve always called Adam my “Prince Charming," so planning this wedding was so much fun! Even our honeymoon was in Disney, and it was a blast because neither Adam nor I had been to Disney before.

The Century House: What a magical theme for your wedding! Why did you choose The Century House for your venue?

Nicole: I love the chandelier in the Main Ballroom - it fit perfectly with my theme! The Century House offers a unique menu that’s different from other venues. Also, I love the fact that my guests didn’t have to choose their entrée six weeks before the wedding. The staff at The Century House is awesome and cared about me. They truly wanted me to have the best day ever. Phil was the best - he made sure everything was perfect. Since I’m an only child, my mother had high expectations, but he did an amazing job.

The Century House: Now that the wedding’s over, do you have any advice for newly engaged couples?

Nicole: Start early! As soon as you book your venue – don’t wait to work on other details. I booked my wedding at The Century House twelve months before the event, and bought my invitations on sale the next day. I used a tote to keep things together while planning. Also, attend wedding shows whenever possible. They can be overwhelming at first, but attending made things so much easier for me during the planning process. When working with Marge at The Century House, she gave me a list of recommended vendors to contact. It was helpful to meet them face to face at the wedding shows and every person I met was amazing. There isn’t a single decision about my wedding that I regret!

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