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There’s just something about interviewing two people who are madly in love. Their happiness and enthusiasm— about anything, radiates off them. Anyone in their presence, and we’re not even talking physical, is impacted, and the result is a feeling of pure happiness. Despite all the odds, everything that could have happened, and didn’t, led these two people together. And, that is a love story. Here’s the tale of Samantha and Mike.

For Samantha, it was love at first sight— when she finally noticed him. The couple met aboard the British Vessel, OCEANA P&O; both contracted to play their respective parts in 10-piece orchestra.

Michael: “Samantha was so focused on her work, that it took about seven live performances for her to even acknowledge me!”

What did it take for her to finally notice you?

Michael: “She was preforming “Stop in the Name of Love,” and her wig got damp, so I volunteered to dry it (i.e. stand next to an air conditioner for 30 minutes). It worked!”
Samantha: “After he did that for me, we became a couple and travelled the world together. Who would have thought I would find my true love from across the Atlantic Ocean?”

Did he have a show-stopping proposal?

Samantha: “Because we are in the spotlight for our careers, we live pretty low-key lives offstage. After a long day of retail therapy with my mother-in-law, I came home to find our whole apartment lit up with candles, glittered with roses, champagne and a fancy meal prepared. He was acting strange and I knew something was up, but I waited it out. I tried to follow his seemingly, two-way, but, actually, one-person conversation until he popped the question!”
Michael: “As you can imagine, the proposal went differently for me. I had known for a while that I wanted to marry this woman, but I wanted to make it perfect. But when Samantha surprise visited me in March, I knew I had to do it then. I will never forget the moment when I asked her to be my wife.”

What was your wedding planning experience being overseas?

Samantha: “It was certainly difficult to plan our dream wedding being that most of it was over Skype. We wanted something very classy and elegant, and being that I am from England, I wanted to incorporate our two cultures. We had a British ceremony followed by the American romance of a celebration afterward. If I had to define the theme of our wedding, I would call it “romance glamour,” and we used the colors black, ivory and hints of blush to amplify our night.”
Michael: “I agree, it was hard to do the planning overseas, but once we looked at the Century House our mind was made up. They accommodated our reception wedding theme change with a nautical cocktail hour, with even an ice sculpture shaped like an anchor, swimmingly.”

What made you select the Century House as your venue?

Michael: “There’s this eclectic uniqueness to the Century House, being that it reflects a period of America that we don’t often see— the Colonial style. That feeling that it exuded, made us feel like we would be united two families in one home.”
Samantha: “For me it was everything. The nature trail, the convenience of the hotel, the staff— Kim Baker and Leslie Meyer were so warm and helpful, it felt so homey and comforting, which is exactly the feel I wanted. The Century House was amazing for our dream wedding.”
Michael: “We didn’t even mention the food! The selection of the food and beverage was awesome. I guess, to sum it up, everything won us over!”

What aspects have resonated the most with you after your wedding day?

Samantha: “There’s so much. Of course, marrying my best friend. But the service, food and staff were absolutely world class.”
Michael: “We find it hard to name one thing as everything was unique in our eyes… but the food, service, entertainment and our wedding coordinator truly made our wedding.”

What advice do you have to those who are currently planning their wedding?

Samantha: “I would probably say, stay calm and relax for the brides to be. The Century House will exceed your expectations. Also, put faith into the management and wedding coordinators, they know what they’re doing and it will be perfect. I think booking both ballrooms are a must, it makes your day more extravagant and magical.”
Michael: “Should you choose the Century House, definitely select the filet mignon and lobster tail, it was awesome. Also, stay in the presidential suite, it's excellent. You’re in amazing hands. Your day will be perfect.”

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