• Mother Of The Bride

Mother Of The Bride

We are so happy to be a part of all the weddings celebrated with us; our goal is to make your special day, perfect. When one of our recent Mother-of-Brides reached out to us after her third daughter’s wedding celebrated here, we had to know about this last wedding experience with us. Here’s Shannon Gillson’s story.

So this is the third wedding, thank you for choosing to celebrate with us! What was the theme of this special day?

S: It was an Evening Garden Party with a whimsical flare… You had to really be there but I will try to capture the lovely event!

That sounds incredibly unique and like there were many details going into making this day complete. What would you say is the most important thing to do when planning a wedding?

S: Well, to be honest, everything was really important. I would say that having the reassurance that all of the different vendors would work seamlessly together and having your (Century House) staff keep all the balls in the air were definitely the biggest things though.

As you know, we offer wedding planning assistance, how did you feel it helped make this day happen?

S: Everyone was top-notch. Kim and her team helped bring all the details and vision of this wedding to life. Things we didn’t even think about, like providing guests bug spray, they took care of! We had countless compliments throughout the night, and then after, about how impressive and flawless everything flowed.

We’re so glad that you’re so happy with the experience, now, I have to ask, is there anything that you would have done differently?

S: Absolutely not! Did you know that some people came up to me and said that it was the wedding of the CENTURY as others said the wedding of the year and the Saratoga event of the summer? We will definitely see you again for family events to come!

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