• At Your Service

At Your Service!

Personalized Service: It’s not Just a Phrase, It’s Our Mission

Our mission statement says it all: we promise to make the world a better place by providing comfort and care to the body and soul of each of our guests, staff and community.

Here at the Century House, we offer a number of products and services normally associated with hotels, including guest rooms, weddings, meeting rooms, banquets, meals, etc. However, when guests come to the Century House, these services are provided to them with sincerity and a genuine interest in their personal satisfaction. Our guests’ needs are anticipated and met, even before they request them.

Our goal is to make people to feel like they’re coming home when they stay with us, and we want them to leave with a warm feeling that makes them anxious to return time and time again.

Being a family-owned inn means that we are able to eliminate any delays or red tape that can slow national chains down. When a guest needs action, our employees are empowered to make many decisions. In addition, the hotel’s owner isn’t sitting in some corporate office; he’s right on site.

We consistently go above and beyond for our customers. For instance, when a family was staying with us for a year while their house was being built, we let them use a grand piano in one of the lobbies so their daughter could continue taking her lessons. Our guests have always been astonished at the level of service they receive while staying at the Century House.

Hospitality isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s our motto. It’s our mission. It’s the reason our guests check in again and again. Come to the Century House to experience it for yourself.

Experience the Tradition!