• Administrative Professionals Day
  • Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day

Saying Thanks with a Scoop of Ice Cream

Here at Century House, we take great pride in the fact that we have been a family owned and operated business since we opened our doors in 1949.

Over the years, our family has grown to include the many hardworking members of our restaurant and hotel staff. Without them, we could never have achieved the growth and success we have experienced over the past 67 years.

As a token of our appreciation for everything our team does for our guests, we celebrated Administrative Professionals Day this year by providing a sweet treat for our employees – Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream!

On Wednesday, April 27th, the traveling Ben and Jerry’s cart stopped by the Century House to commemorate our staff’s efforts by providing everyone with their choice of delicious ice cream cones. Our team went outside and reflected on the great work they’ve done this year. While the flavor choices varied between Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chunk, Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz, Cherry Garcia and many others, the overall sense of accomplishment and appreciation was prevalent across the board. Every member of the Century House family was all smiles as they soaked in the sunshine and ate up their ice cream cones.

We understand that providing a few scoops of ice cream is just a small gesture to show how thankful we are to have such a great team helping us make the Century House a success. There isn’t a cone in the world that could possibly hold enough ice cream to demonstrate our gratitude for the driven, professional and devoted staff here.

Getting to work each day with such talented and dedicated individuals is the only treat we need. Their daily efforts are the reason the Century House is such a special place. We hope you and your team enjoyed your Administrative Professionals Day as much!