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Aanarian and Valerie Bridal Blog

Who doesn’t love a good love story? We love learning about our couples and their unique stories; in fact, nothing makes us happier than hearing about how we assisted in making their dream wedding come true! Without a doubt, one of the best parts of our jobs is helping plan and guide our couples through one of the biggest days of their lives— here is Aanarian and Valerie’s story!

So, how did the both of you meet?
Aanarian: We have actually known each other since high school, but we reacquainted on Facebook.
Valerie: Funny enough, once we started dating, we realized that we had known each other even longer than that— we attended the same church as children!

Social media reunites so many couples together! So being that you’ve known each other for essentially your entire lives— what made you realize that you were each other’s “”ONE”?
V: We both knew at different times! For me, it was after our first date on New Year’s Eve 2012, when I felt comfortable enough to be myself and share my life stories with him.
A: It’s difficult to describe the exact moment that I knew, but I remember seeing her at the gym one day and when I looked in her eyes— I knew that there was something more.

That’s so sweet! How did he propose?
V: Smiles. Aanarian got down on one knee at one of our favorite restaurants and asked me to marry him! It was traditional, sweet and emotional!

I always love hearing how people are proposed to— each story is so different! What made you choose The Century House as your venue?
V: We chose The Century House because Aanarian’s 30th High School Class Reunion had been held there and he was highly impressed with the food and the atmosphere. I trusted his judgment and I wasn’t disappointed! What we liked most about The Century House is the way the staff treated us from the beginning of the process until the time we left the honeymoon suite. We were definitely treated like royalty.

We’re glad that you both felt that way! Tell us, what was the most unique aspect of your wedding?
A: I would say that the most unique aspect about our wedding was the joyous spirit and energy of all our guests. They brought so much joy and love.
V: One special request we had was that all the objects in our crate were used some way throughout our ceremony and celebration. Leslie Meyer, our Wedding Planner, took the items we gave her and used all of them to enhance our ceremony. For example, the sash for my original dress was used to decorate the main table. It was absolutely beautiful!

That does sound beautiful! Okay, now that it’s all said and done, in hindsight, what was one thing you both wish you knew about the wedding planning process?
A: Laughs. I wish we knew that we would miss out on all the delicious Hors d’oeuvres because we were busy taking photos!
V: I agree! But, we couldn’t have hoped for a better venue to declare our vows and seal our commitment to each other!