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Surrounded by Beauty: Our Nature Trail

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Surrounded by Beauty: Touring the Grounds of the Century House

Now that we have finally turned the corner and left the dreary winter weather behind, we here at Century House can’t wait to get outdoors and walk around our beautiful property. As proud as we are of our historic building, our outdoor space is another important part of what makes the Century House such a special place, and now is the perfect time to enjoy our property’s well-maintained trails and picturesque scenery.

The Century House has a half-mile long circular trail on the property that offers our guests a fantastic opportunity to take in the gorgeous surroundings. We built this trail so visitors could explore the old farm’s scenic property while getting a little exercise in during their stay. Now is the perfect time to start planning your visit! Our plant life will reach its peak in the early summer months, producing stunningly vibrant blossoms that are a joy to experience up close.

Our trails offer a lot more to see than just our property’s landscape. The Century House’s outdoor space is the habitat for several types of animals, offering our nature loving guests the chance to a look at all of our various wildlife. In addition to the deer, rabbits, foxes and turkeys commonly seen on our estate, bird watchers will no doubt appreciate the vast number of species who call the trails around the Century House home.

Our outdoor space, like the Century House itself, comes with a rich history of its own. Guests are encouraged to look for the trail’s three wooden bridges, as well as a number of old headstones throughout the property. Fortunately, the superstitious need not fear, as these stones do not mark actual graves. The actual burial grounds are currently unknown.

So as you can see, there is a lot more for visitors to enjoy when they pay a visit to the Century House. We love our trails, and are thrilled our guests feel the same way. Everyone from our hotel and restaurant visitors, to the students and boy scouts who have hosted treasure hunts on our trails, to the countless brides and grooms who have taken their wedding pictures on our property, have expressed their appreciation for this charming and scenic outdoor area. It is just another reason why guests keep coming back to the Century House year after year. We invite you to come out yourself and see what all the excitement is about!