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Throwing a Party? We’ve all been there. Stocking up on color coordinated streamers, overly decorative napkins, and plastic cups is stressful for everyone. That’s why we know a lot of the stress can be alleviated by having someone else host your event. With so many reasons to celebrate, we thought we’d help come up with some ways to pump up your seasonal siesta! The Century House is here to remind you of some bases to cover if you’re outsourcing your event space and food...because you may not have to cook or clean, but there’s still plenty of reasons for a check list!

1. Make a List
Before you start creating your menu wants or location must haves, make sure you create lists. Having checkpoints and things to accomplish will ensure the success of your party. When coordinating with a business, it’s important to have a timeline for when decisions have to be made. Our speciality is being able to be your top pick for event spaces, hotel, and restaurant needs. Finding a business that’s hands on will help you quickly whittle down your to- do list!

2. Menu Decisions
If you’re catering your party (And we can definitely think of one location that has superb food…) know that you still need to prep! You may not be in the kitchen line up, but going into the meeting with your caterer with an idea of whether you want plated dishes or a buffet, or an open bar versus a cash bar, are big decisions. Don’t forget to check with your rsvps to notify the kitchen of any allergies.

3. Hotel Accommodations
Continuing the party? We suggest checking if your place of stay can give you a block of rooms near each other! Compare group rates and see if you can stay late and save money. The Century House is close to the Albany International airport too, for you out of town guest’s convenience. Event location is particularly important for corporate events.

4. Power Through the Party Playlist
Make the perfect party playlist so that your guests can jam. Music really sets the mood for any event. Check to see if your location has live music, which can be an upscale touch, if not, mood boosting music is a must. Good music and a conversational atmosphere are crucial for guest enjoyment.

5. Sweet Treats are Made of These...Who are we to Disagree!
Sugar, Sugar, Sugar! Even the best parties are lack luster without tasty goodies. Weeks later you will be surprised at what people remember from a party, and their sweet tooth’s memory is likely to outlast them all. Try our Bake Shop option, with unique party additions like a S’mores bar!

With your big dreams of hosting a extravaganza, we wanted to remind you it’s not too late to book with The Century House! With open dates into early September, we can help take care of the big stuff so you and your business, office, or crew, can have the end of party you deserve!