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Celebrating Our Historic Roots

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Here at the Century House, we take great pride in the historic roots of our building. Some people thought the O’Hearn family was crazy when they purchased a farmhouse from the early 1800’s in the middle of nowhere on Albany-Saratoga Road in Latham, New York with the intention of opening a restaurant in 1949. However, their labor of love paid off; 67 years later the Century House is still family owned. As our business has grown over the years from a small restaurant to include the banquet halls, meeting rooms and hotel, we have remained connected to our roots, and have gone to great lengths to preserve many historic aspects of our building.

Believe it or not, many parts of the Century House still have pieces of the original 1800’s farmhouse. Both the North and Federal Rooms, for example, are still exactly as they were in 1812. Our onsite carpenters, along with the rest of our team, oversee the continuous care and upkeep necessary to preserve these historic parts of our building, even after 200 years. We are especially proud of the beautiful fireplaces in each of these rooms, and recommend history buffs add them to their must-see list during their next visit. For those more interested in the supernatural, the Century House has a ghost. A Wiccan visitor confirmed the presence of a spirit in our North Room. We think this apparition could be Frederick Roff, the Dutch owner of the estate in the 1700’s.

Even the newer parts of the Century House are still deeply rooted in the building’s rich history. In 2002, we completely renovated our main dining room, transforming the space into a Federal Tavern. The space matches the historical feel of the original house. The room features a wide plank vintage chestnut floor acquired from a 200-year-old barn in Connecticut. In addition, stones from the Century House’s original foundation were salvaged and placed in the hearth and brick walls of the room. The 150-year-old brick walls and fireplace contain embedded vintage silverware and antique keys, and the tables are made of vintage collected wood as well.

As the years go by, we here at the Century House feel that our connection to this historic building has only deepened. Our commitment to maintaining this beautiful property remains steadfast, and the hard work and upkeep our team performs on a daily basis can only be described as a labor of love. The Century House is a special place, and we believe that the rich historical significance plays a big role in why our patrons feel at home on our property. So whether you are a history buff seeking an architectural learning experience, or just looking for a place to have a great meal, come visit us at the Century House for the perfect mixture of rich history and modern comfort.

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